◢ rinspeed XchangE autonomous EV is an office living room on wheels

rinspeed XchangE autonomous EV is an office   living room on wheels
rinspeed XchangE autonomous EV

unveiled ahead of the 2014 geneva motor show, rinspeed presents the ‘XchangE’, an automotive study to demonstrate how cars will be used as transportation in the not so distant future. the swiss company has conceived an all-electric autonomous touring sedan based on the exterior styling of the tesla model S, engineered by 4erc and built at esoro.


the EV features an interior configuration reminiscent of business-class seats of major airlines. the basic idea behind the seats that offer a host of adjustment, tilting and swiveling options comes from otto bock mobility solutions, a renowned manufacturer of medical prosthetics around the world; the integration of the advanced seats offer more than twenty possible seating arrangements. a futuristic TRW steering wheel features hands-on recognition, with a drive-mode-manager display in the upper rim and transparent multifunction keys with ambient lighting that can simply be ‘parked’ using a multi-redundant ‘steer-by-wire’ technology, similar to what can be found on modern jet aircraft.


dubbed as an ‘office and living room on wheels’, the fully networked EV provides proof of concept where passengers will be able to assume virtually any seating or resting position when traveling in a fully autonomous vehicle in the future, which will require a completely new operating and display concept. the new system devises harman’s next-generation scalable infotainment platform, which is based on html5 and provides security protection against hacker attacks. the media platform inside the ‘XchangE’ offers numerous functions for navigation, entertainment, assistance and services that are displayed on a total of four screens.


a 1.2-meter-wide display strip in the steering-wheel support provides important information in wide-screen format. in the rear, a 32-inch 4k monitor transforms the connected car into a comfortable on-demand ultra-high definition movie theater that can be controlled with simple gestures.


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