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C.m.s. Dpro 3.0

Our Content management system is in its third version, and this version incorporatesall the functionalitiesof the previous versions.

 We have made the processes of publication and storage of information very simple for the end-user, in order to facilitate the task of updating their website in the shortest possibletime.

Don't worry you don't need to study complex manuals for months on end, you will only need 15/20 minutes of e-learning and you will be able to create and update any section of the administration content manager.

 21 modules are currently available for installation (we are adding new ones every month),and the procedure for installing and displaying them on the website’s pages becomes a real child’s game.

CMS Dpro 3.0 Main Features and Charateritics

  • . Easy Administration
  • . Low Cost
  • . Accessible
  • . SEO Friendly
  • . Fast Creation Process
  • . Layout Fast Change
  • . No Technical Requirements
  • . Support request 24/7
  • . Module YTube Video gallery
  • . SEO Optimizated
  • . Tyny MCE Editor
  • . Over 20 mudule installable
  • . Word files Copy and Paste
  • . Positive R.O.I.
  • . Reduced Support Costs
  • . META Module & Rss
  • . Module installable by Admin
  • . Module Manage Files
  • . Module Photogallery



C.M.S. Available Installation Modules: ( Click on the icons to read modules details. )

  • Latest News
  • Latest Photos
  • Topics activated
  • Random Links
  • Pool
  • Latest video
  • Calendary
  • Stats
  • Unlimited Blocks *
    * Blocks are simply boxes that can be filled with any type of content and displayed on the columns of the web site.
  • C.m.s. modules list A:
  • C.m.s. modules list B:
  • Definition - What does Module mean?

  • A module is a software component or part of a program that contains one or more routines. Programs are composed of one or more independently developed modules. The enterprise level software application may contain several different modules.

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